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Agile workspaces are extremely popular when people are moving around the office and even working at home. As the name suggests, an ‘agile’ workspace is completely adaptable. No single employee is assigned to one desk. It encourages workers to move freely around the office, making use of whichever space suits their objectives at that time. Staff can choose where they want to work and locate themselves close to other team members they may be working with.

At Aspire, we offer several types of desks and work systems that fit well with the agile workspace concept. Entirely flexible, employees can work in quiet areas when operating solo and move into a central position when their activity alters. By providing office furniture that fits with the agile workspace theory, creative teams can communicate well, improving work output which in turn boosts the company’s profits. A formerly open-plan area is transformed into a hive of controlled activity, aiding communication via agile workspace desks and workstations.

Quiet zones enable clear thinking and the ability to conduct private conversations, ideally using pods or booths. Breakout spaces are informal, allowing workers to leave work and eat or relax for designated periods. Even casual meetings can take place here. Resource areas will hold printers, scanners, office supplies and all of the bulky things that can disrupt work spaces. Don’t forget that you will need specific tables/cupboards/desks to house everything. Talk to us today and get help with setting up the perfect agile workspaces.

We can deliver and install your new Agile Workspace requirements throughout London, Essex and Hertfordshire. To discuss your requirements in more detail please contact one of our consultants on 0800 612 4174 or email details of your requirements to