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Sofa systems come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit all types of reception environments. They are referred to as ‘systems’ because they comprise a set of separate pieces that can be arranged in a shape to suit your needs. For example, a six-item set could be set out as a 4pc plus 2pc or even two 3pc seats. Space-saving and incredibly adaptable, they are particularly popular for creating corner units.

Our sofa systems provide the perfect seating for small and large receptions; simply add more modules until you have sufficient space for all anticipated visitors. Should you want your reception area to be split into two sections, this type of modular sofa system can be used to add a natural divide. As needs change or when you simply want a new and fresh look, re-arrange the units you have or mix with traditional furniture and you can have a reception area that looks like no other.

We can deliver and install your new Sofa System requirements throughout London, Essex and Hertfordshire. To discuss your requirements in more detail please contact one of our consultants on 0800 612 4174 or email details of your requirements to